Our Services

We specialise in Carbon Skinning vehicles interiors ranging from BMW's, Mercedes, Volkswagen to Nissan GTR's

All our parts are remanufactured using high quality genuine Carbon Fibre composite and finished in 2K gloss clearcoat to prevent UV discolouration. The automotive standard clearcloat provides added gloss & protection against scratches. We can offer different finishes, just drop us a message and we can go through the options with you.

Every part is hand laminated in the UK and entirely made in house from laying carbon fibre composite down, to wet sanding and polishing the final product. We carbon skin genuine manufacturers parts to ensure perfect fitment every time. 

We do not offer carbon effect hydrodipping or vinyl wrap, this is 100% genuine carbon fibre material laid ontop of existing trims.

If you're interested in getting your items carbon skinned or would like a quote, simply drop us a message and we can discuss your requirements.